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BeSHG CFTR - 2012
BeSHG FMR-1 - 2012
BeSHG Postnatal Karyotype - 2012
BeSHG prenatal consortium_ guidelines for prenatal NGS
BeSHG prenatal consortium_guidelines for NIPT good clinical practices_V2023
BeSHG prenatal consortium_guidelines for prenatal rasopathy panel
BeSHG prenatal consortium_guidelines managing incidental findings detected by NIPT_V2023
BeSHG prenatal consortium_guidelines prenatal array_V2023
BeSHG prenatal consortium_reporting policy fetal CNV detected by aCGH upon invasive test_V2023
BeSHG prenatal consortium_reporting policy maternal incidental finding by NIPT_v2023
BeSHG prenatal consortium_table of susceptibility loci in context of invasive prenatal testing
COVID19_WHO_Laboratory biosafety
COVID19_lijst prioriteiten klinische genetica_NL
COVID19_liste priorités en génétique clinique_FR
ESHG recommendations_Genetic testing and common disorders in a public health care
ESHG recommendations_Genetic testing in asymptomatic minors
ESHG recommendations_Whole-genome sequencing in health care
EuroGentest NGS_2014
European best practice CFTR - European Journal of Human Genetics
European guidelines for rare hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes
Genetische zelftests-Statement College
HBOC - Belgian guideline for diagnostic testing criteria for analysis
HBOC management guidelines_2023
Incidental findings_consensus gene list to be reported_june 2023
KCE Birt-Hogg-Dube
KCE Cowden syndrome
KCE Hereditary breast cancer
KCE Li Fraumeni syndrome
KCE Lynch syndrome
KCE Neurofibromatosis type1
KCE Neurofibromatosis type2
KCE Paraganglioma-Phaeochromocytoma
KCE vonHippel-Lindau
Lynch syndrome_Guidelines by FAPA
MTHFR polymorphism testing_ENG_guidelines_2019
MTHFR polymorphism testing_FR_guidelines_2019
MTHFR polymorphism testing_NL_guidelines_2019
National policy: publication of genetic data in eHR
Pancreatic cancer - Belgian guideline for diagnostic testing criteria
Prostate cancer, hereditary - testing guidelines
SMA carrier testing indications
Test génétiques en accès direct-Statement College
VKGN Informing relatives in hereditary predisposition to cancer - NL